How to follow recipes

Baking is an experience that never identically repeats itself. Don’t get frustrated if what comes out of the oven isn’t what was expected. Every time, learn and make adjustments. Perhaps a new, unrecorded discovery will be made! After the first experience of making one recipe, make it again and try to feel through parts of it. Make it a self-led experience, less of the words of others.

Recipes posted here have become staples in my home kitchen. Please enjoy.

Sourdough Waffles

Overnight sponge:
120g levain, unfed
60g all-purpose flour
120g whole grain flour
224g buttermilk (or kefir)
60g water
6g raw sugar

Sponge from above
7g sugar
1 large egg (50g)
56g neutral oil
2g vanilla
3g salt
6g baking soda

Mix sponge overnight. In the morning, mix batter. Rest 15 minutes as the waffle iron is heating. 
Spray waffle griddle with oil. Make waffles, careful to not overfill iron.

Sourdough Pizza

30% whole grain
70% all-purpose flour, 00, or high extraction flour
20% levain
+/-75% hydration
2% salt
4% olive oil

Mix all ingredients. Dough will feel pretty loose, but will gain structure with folds and tighten as it acidifies.
Let it bulk ferment 1 hour.
Give the dough a fold.
Repeat folds 2 more times, 1 hour apart (3 folds total)
If happy with strength of dough, divide dough after 4 hours of bulk fermentation.

A good size for home pizzas is 350g per ball.

Preheat oven to 550F (or the hottest the oven will go) with pizza stone. 
Bake with no convection until desired color and crispiness, 8-11 minutes.