Karen Man released her first book in 2017 (co-edited with Sarah Belfort), The Art of Baking: Oxheart. It is a visually driven collection of memories, ideas, and recipes. This book, printed here in Houston, offers a glimpse into the creative process of an endlessly inventive baker.

Over the years 2015-2017, Karen jotted down memories and ideas about baking at Oxheart, transforming them into illustrations, photographs, anecdotes, and recipes. Karen shares everything from the techniques she picked up staging around the world to the secret ingredients of Oxheart staff meal (yes, even her pie crust recipe). Made with help from friends, The Art of Baking: Oxheart reflects the community spirit that supported this small but ambitious restaurant that was open for 5 years.

This record of self-discovery reveals the love and passion behind a woman who enjoys sharing her craft with others. 

Available only in digital form, but perhaps you may enjoy The Lima Year for Karen’s most current musings and glimpses into expressions of time during her year in Peru.


“Peek into the inner world of a baker reveals a visionary artist whose craft is saturated with love and wit.”

Kelly Barnhart


Thank you team at Ttweak for capturing this amazing journey in a short film.


There were light bites, including some Oxheart staff favorites (banana cream pie), installations inspired by the book, specially-made ceramics by Ellen Cline and Sierra Estes, leather book covers by Kyle Kubin, flipbooks, and all around good vibes. Jazz from Rene lead us into the early evening. Much gratitude for making this incredibly memorable. See you at the next book launch!