Life provides an abundance of side-projects, interests, work, and love. Bread baking can be a multi-day process, providing opportunities for moments of slowing down time. To ferment grains naturally and into a nutritious product requires attention to the external climate, to the characteristic of the grain wanting to be evoked, to the environment in the kitchen, and to our minds. The magic intertwines in the techniques that can stretch time, the mindfulness that brings forth a loaf or pastry that connects us more deeply. Preparing something that comes from the land teaches us the lessons of ayni.

I am a creative, curious human, baker, mama of under the sink worms, participant of natural cycles, and almost always have something on or around the counter fermenting. I enjoy growing herbs to make herbal tea blends and salves. I collect shells, rocks, feathers, and seeds. Things that help me unravel the riddles of the world: alternative economies, ceramics, Apus, hip-hop, zine-making, meditation, sourdough baking, collaborations, conversations on swings or blankets, lemonade.

Some people share seeds. Some people share culture. Some people share sourdough starters. Everyone shares pies.

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