Bread can be symbolic. It has a powerful history, evokes, and reflects place and tradition. Bread progressed civilizations. Everything in this world exists to be shared, to be broken, to be lived. Baking bread requires simple ingredients, but it takes time. There is no better way to expand space than with a ceremony of bread making.

With endless resources of recipes online, this page is meant more to to gift pause to allow for space to lead from your own intuition, rather than give precise direction and the occasional easter eggs of musings. This site breathes from the deepest desire to share a love of baking with others, baking for others, baking for self, to find our own pace of meditative activity, to share, and to experience deeply. For more shenanigans and a few more recipes, visit or subscribe to my recorded and rearranged streams of consciousness on Substack.

Baking can be a meditative activity. It starts with an intention of mindfulness–how you want to feel, how you want to make others feel. There are enough recipes on the internet to keep us busy for a lifetime. Slow down, perfect a few recipes, share those recipes, repeat the practice. Make it your own.

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