Sourdough Flatbread

300 g whole grain, no sifting
100 g T65
16g unrefined sugar
8g sea salt
3g baking powder
150g levain at 100% hydration
75g labne or greek yogurt
60-75g olive oil
100g warm water

1 hr bulk
Fold 2 times, 30 min apart, 10-11 pieces

80g, rest 30 minutes, roll to 8”

oil skillet with ghee
cook 2 min first side, 1-2 second side

Pumpkin Brioche

600g strong flour
90g sugar
14g salt
5g dry yeast
3g turmeric powder
60g whole milk
140g sourdough
100g eggs
200g pumpkin puree

200g butter, soft

Incorporate all ingredients except for butter. Let it sit in bowl 10-15 minutes to hydrate. Mix 3-5 minutes on slow speed. Rest 10 minutes. Mix on low/medium speed until good gluten structure forms. Sometimes, with a heavily enriched dough (lots of sugar and butter), giving the dough a couple 5-minute breaks at this stage of mixing improves structure with less mixing. Once dough is developed, add soft butter in stages until fully absorbed into dough. Bulk ferment for 2 hours with 2 folds before placing in fridge to stiffen for easier handling of dough. Divide and shape. Proof. Egg wash before baking. Bake somewhere between 350F-400F.