one way bread can be buttered

Danish word for noticeable tooth marks in properly buttered bread

Ode to Bread

Pablo Neruda’s Ode to bread

you rise
from flour,
and fire.
Dense or light,
flattened or round,
you duplicate
the mother’s
rounded womb,
and earth’s
How simple
you are, bread,
and how profound!
You line up
on the baker’s
powdered trays
like silverware or plates
or pieces of paper
and suddenly
life washes
over you,
there’s the joining of seed
and fire,
and you’re growing, growing
all at once
hips, mouths, breasts,
mounds of earth,
or people’s lives.
The temperature rises, you’re overwhelmed
by fullness, the roar
of fertility,
and suddenly
your golden color is fixed.
And when your little wombs
were seeded,
a brown scar
laid its burn the length
of your two halves’
you are
mankind’s energy,
a miracle often admired,
the will to live itself.

O bread familiar to every mouth,
we will not kneel before you:
do no
unclear gods
or obscure angels:
we will make our own bread
out of sea and soil,
we will plant wheat
on our earth and the planets,
bread for every mouth,
for every person,
our daily bread.
Because we plant its seed
and grow it
not for one man
but for all,
there will be enough:
there will be bread
for all the peoples of the earth.
And we will also share with one another
whatever has
the shape and the flavor of bread:
the earth itself,
and love–
taste like bread
and have its shape,
the germination of wheat.
exists to be shared,
to be freely given,
to multiply.

This is why, bread,
if you flee
from mankind’s houses,
if they hide you away
or deny you,
if the greedy man
pimps for you or
the rich man
takes you over,
if the wheat
does not yearn for the furrow and the soil:
then, bread,
we will refuse to pray:
we will refuse to beg.
We will fight for you instead, side by side with the others,
with everyone who knows hunger.
We will go after you
in every river and in the air.
We will divide the entire earth among ourselves
so that you may germinate,
and the earth will go forward
with us:
water, fire, and mankind
fighting at our side.
with sheafs of wheat,
we  will win
earth and bread for everyone.
life itself
will have the shape of bread,
deep and simple,
immeasurable and pure.
Every living thing
will have its share
of soil and life,
and the bread we eat each morning,
everyone’s daily bread,
will be hallowed
and sacred,
because it will have been won
by the longest and costliest
of human struggles.

This earthly Victory
does not have wings:
she wears bread on her shoulders instead.
Courageously she soars,
setting the world free,
like a baker
born aloft on the wind.

Sourdough Flatbread

300 g whole grain, no sifting
100 g T65
16g unrefined sugar
8g sea salt
3g baking powder
150g levain at 100% hydration
75g labne or greek yogurt
60-75g olive oil
100g warm water

1 hr bulk
Fold 2 times, 30 min apart, 10-11 pieces

80g, rest 30 minutes, roll to 8”

oil skillet with ghee
cook 2 min first side, 1-2 second side

Be your own baker

Baking can be a meditative activity. It starts with an intention of mindfulness–how you want to feel, how you want to make others feel. There are enough recipes on the internet to keep us busy for a lifetime. Slow down, perfect a few recipes, share those recipes, repeat the practice. Make it your own.

Pumpkin Brioche

600g strong flour
90g sugar
14g salt
5g dry yeast
3g turmeric powder
60g whole milk
140g sourdough
100g eggs
200g pumpkin puree

200g butter, soft

Incorporate all ingredients except for butter. Let it sit in bowl 10-15 minutes to hydrate. Mix 3-5 minutes on slow speed. Rest 10 minutes. Mix on low/medium speed until good gluten structure forms. Sometimes, with a heavily enriched dough (lots of sugar and butter), giving the dough a couple 5-minute breaks at this stage of mixing improves structure with less mixing. Once dough is developed, add soft butter in stages until fully absorbed into dough. Bulk ferment for 2 hours with 2 folds before placing in fridge to stiffen for easier handling of dough. Divide and shape. Proof. Egg wash before baking. Bake somewhere between 350F-400F.